Founded by Deniz A. Johnson, Pera-Partners is a management consulting company specializing in digital transformation, strategy execution, emerging technologies adoption, FinTech RegTech advisory, and product/program management in financial services and software.  While there are incubators and accelerators for late stage startups, the subject matter expertise gap within large enterprise finserv companies keeps getting wider. 

As a FinTech thought leader, Johnson brings an insider’s view of the top global institutions as she provides advisory services in Boston and New York.

Johnson's value proposal is effective partnering of fintech, VC and finserv companies with successful business outcomes rather than the widespread experimentation we are seeing today.

Some areas of focus:

  • With fintech startups to address:
    • product strategy
    • product roadmap
    • features
    • use cases
    • implementation approach
    • adoption plans
    • Johnson's expertise allows fintech startups to present larger companies with a coherent product roadmap and partner effectively for growth.
  • With large financial companies who want to partner with fintech startups:
    • Specifically, on how to implement and incorporate emerging technologies (AI,ML, NLP, RPA) into production cycles,
    • identifying use cases and
    • other applicable opportunities for effective and successful digital business transformation.
  • With VCs to determine enterprise adoptability and feasibility of fintech innovation/ startup.