Complexity Simplified – Part 1 – Common themes of a failing project

Posted by Deniz A. Johnson, MBA

on 18 June 2014

I have been asked to save a failing program or projects on many occasions.  In fact, this became such a common occurrence, the projects became programs and then just simply business problems for me to solve.  I became the problem solver. Based on my observations and experience,

Common themes of failing project/program are:

  1. Very complex project/program with many stakeholders and many different expectations (think of Enterprise wide, global)
  2. All deliverables have equal importance (no prioritization of outcomes)
  3. Strained relationships among stakeholders and/or project teams and/or departments
  4. Convoluted communications

While there are many more we can add to this list, this is a simplified list.  After all, our goal is to simplify the complexities…