Scaling IT for a Rapidly Growing Company

Posted by Deniz A. Johnson

on 6 January 2015

New opportunities come with new challenges, including exposure to different types of risk and compliance mandates in new markets.  It’s common for growing companies to have corporate infrastructure better suited for a start-up than for scaling up.  

Example:  an Asset Management Firm was scaling rapidly.   The Executive Team was focused on a single IT project:  rolling out a compliance application that touched every department, every client and every trade.   The approach was disorganized and without focus.  But it was the symptom of a much larger issue – an IT department that failed to work as a team, without clear priorities or accountability.  As an external partner, we quickly got to the heart of the issue, by understanding the expected outcome of the project and the impact on every stakeholder.    By aligning project requirements with organizational requirements and priorities, we got the project back on track, reducing fines and risk exposure within a matter of months.  Best of all, the IT organization was ready to partner with the management team for the next level of company growth.